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It is a wonderful tool to serve the purpose of Usage Finder for dataone users
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Dataone is a broadband service provided by government based a major ISP of India called BSNL. As Dataone had number of tariffs for different type of users and the controlling parameter is the limit to upload/download it is very difficult to control the usage and know your monthly billing. An independent developer on the Sourceforge network has come up with a wonderful product to serve the purpose of Usage Finder for Dataone users. It is named based on its characteristics, Dataone Usage Finder (DUF). Dataone Usage Finder needs basic user information and credentials, month to be focused and administrator url for BSNL to provide you regulated data information of your current usage of Upload/download limit. One can customize the tariff plan based on text file and also the server urls can be customized using text file store locally. Dataone Usage Finder is very simple kind of data fetching and displaying utility for the ease of users to know the consumed limit of download upload of files via BSNL broadband internet service. Though it does not support to update client about new changes in the tariff and also the server urls needs to be changed manually, DUF is a good tool for users to understand how much will they be billed for.

Manoj Goel
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  • Open source (freeware)
  • Project is tested and hosted by so no threat of Spy wares
  • Minor auto updates available based on the changes to BSNL site
  • data can be saved in HTML format


  • Not perfect for very basic users
  • need to change the tariffs manually
  • need to change the Admin server manually
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